Drupal Camp Nigeria (DrupalCampNG2015) Report

DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 took place in November 2015 in Lagos.
Actual Venue was Co-Creation Hub Yaba, Lagos. A well known technology hub in the country.
It was the biggest Drupal-event in Nigeria after the last one held in 2011.
The conference had:
-84 attendees;
-8 speakers from community members.
-60 New Members;

Participants were highly satisfied with the conference/ camp program and the organization level.
The event ran for two days (21 - 22 November, 2015) and contained:
- Module Development section, the classical section for every DrupalCamp which helps professionals and fans of Drupal to share experiences and knowledges.

  • Training section, which focused on newbies to Drupal and fresh webdevelopers from other software foundation.

  • Roundtable “Communities”, in the course of which we have discussed the methods of active IT communities formation. Speakers from different cities and countries were talking about their experience in communities organization and the problems they have met on this way.
    We used the Camp to grow our vibrant community on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/drupal.ng/

We want to thank the Drupal Association home for the Grant, it was very valuable and really helped us!

Pre-Camp cost estimates and projections:
1. CCHUB, Venue Rental= 470,000.00
2. Handbills: A5 = 10,000 copies printed on 135 grams art paper @50,000
3. Digital Banners = 2 large: 82 x 36 inches 5,000
4. Multi-colour T-Shirts =100 pieces @ 800.00 each -80,000
5. Snacks/ Soft-drinks for 120 persons x 2days @ 300.00 each -120,000
6. Logistics/ and event support staff= 60,000

Total Estimate: 800,000.00 (Naira)

Physical amount of money received for the Camp:
• $1,500.00 equivalent of N300,000.00 CBN rate (The Drupal Association)
• N50,000.00 (Kola Taiwo)
• N50, 000.00 (Tony Ogbonna) –Icelark Projects
• $300.00 equivalent of 66,000.00 Black Market (Jide Olateju) -NairaNotes
• N20,000.00 (Bade Adesemowo) -Bincom
• N100,000.00 (Chimezie Chuta) –Lagos DrupalVersity

Total amount Received: 586,000.00 (Naira)

Breakdown of Expenses:
• Payment for Venue at CCHUB: 470,000.00
• Printing of 10,000 Fliers: 50,000.00
• Purchase and printing of 100 Tags and Ribbons: 20,000.00
• Printing of 100 Program Schedule (200.00 front and back): 20,000.00
• Drinks, Water and Gala on day 2: 10,000.00
• Printing of 2 banners: 5,000.00
• Miscellaneous: 20,000.00
• Total amount spent: 596,000.00

We also would like to thank our Community partners, individuals and sponsors; Icelark Projects, Bincom, NairaNotes, Lagos DrupalVersity and Kola Taiwo!