A Major Update To DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015: The Venue Is Now Co-Creation Hub Nigeria

Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CCHub) DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 new venue

The venue for the upcoming DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 has been changed to Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CCHub) from the main auditorium, University of Lagos State. However the date and all other details remain the same.

The decision to change venue was made over some weeks long deliberations by the Drupal Nigeria members when it got to our notice that one of the main reasons for choosing the previous venue (main auditorium, University of Lagos State) has become void.

Due to an unexpected change in the school calendar of the University the choice of the school as the venue for DrupalCamp Nigeria 2015 became non favorable to one of our major objective: to leverage the large presence of the student population to spread the awareness of the potentials of the Drupal platform. With the recent change to the school calendar the date of our event now fall within the period the school will be on vacation. So the hope of having a considerable student audience at the event vanishes.

This change in situation made it necessary that we re-think our strategy. After a long deliberation we concluded to change venue and Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CCHub) was our final choice.

However, the date remains 21/22 November, 2015.

For further details visit the DrupalCamp official website: www.drupalcampnigeria.org.

Our enthusiasm to have a successful DrupalCamp event on that date has never been stronger.