How I Install Open Atrium ... No Questions Asked

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While I was beginning to get my feet wet into building a CRM Solution, I was referred to Atrium.Open Atrium, maintained by Phase2 Technology, is a Drupal distribution that allows you to confidently engage with your colleagues through convenient collaboration.. So I decided to give it a Try. I documentated as prescribed, steps by steps on how to go about it. You could start by getting a feel of the application by visiting, then type Open Atrium and select the distriubtion version.

First we need a XAMP Stack (Apache 2.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3+) based on computer system version:
-WAMP for Windows
-MAMP for MicrosoftOSX
-LAMP for Linux

For the brave of heart, lets go get a copy of the projet from and download the recent version

The following system architecture is required: (some users might need help locating where to find this. Ask the Drupal Nigeria community Group)

-Set php.ini for (memory_limit=256M)
-MySQL my.cnf (max_allowed_packet = 32M)

Installation Steps

1. Make sure you meet all of the requirements listed above

2. Remember, If you have not yet downloaded a copy of Atrium then grab code from

3. Download either the tar.gz or zip file and then open it

-Macs can choose either
-Zip is better for Windows
-Tar.gz is better for Linux

4. Move the file over to the directory where all your websites live

5. Rename the folder that holds all of this to the name you want your site to have

6. Install wizard

-Choose your language
-Currently only English is available
-Database Type (MySQL, MariaDB, or equivalent is what you want to choose (not PostgreSQL or SQLite))
-Make sure you visit localhost/phpMyAdmin - used to create a new database
-Manage users for each database via “privileges”
Note: Doing a simple “Drupal create database” google search will show you how to set up your Drupal database and tell you what sort of privileges that you need
-Install profile runs with progress bar
-Now its the time to Configure site
-Give your site a name with a valid site email address
-This part is very important. It is different from your Database Username and Password. Create your admin account (username, email, password)
Note: Never use “admin” as your admin username as it’s easy to hack
-Define default country
-Define default time zone
-Recommended - leave “check for updates automatically” checked
-Don’t need to have email notifications, as they will pop up in a bar at the top of your site
-Choose a theme (Have a choice between Bartik, Garland, Open Atrium Radix, and Responsive Bartik)
-Choose Open Atrium Radix
Note: If you choose any of the other themes, the site will still be somewhat functional, but some of the bootstrap items will be broken
-Now you are through

7.Visit your new site

so there you go. You've just got yourself a tool to do so much more. My Next vision is to have a Drupal Website running the frontend, Atrium working at the backend and integrating with LMS like EFront or Moodle. (I prefer EFront I beg). Go explore guys and babes (now we are talking)


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