Making the Switch:

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In a country like Nigeria that consumes a lot of technology, its quite unfortunate that alot of "quack" information are been posted online daily including unplanned sites. I remember when Abayomii made a complaint on how a developer who almost ruined a deal on a Drupal project just because he/she promises "wind and fire" to a client project using "fast and furious -CMSes" @ a ridiculous price - "talk about bad market.

But this shouldn't be a nag on Drupal lovers not to push the boundaries. I'm committed to make sure Drupal takes the lead in the Open Source Web space in Nigeria. (Don't worry Joomla! and WordPress Fans - no beef, I still love you guys). Which would you prefer, buying every component you need to build a solution or getting those component available as contributed modules "free to download"? (I'll leave you to decide). The honest truth is that a lot of developers who use Custom Framework like CakePHP, CodeIgnite, Zend, etc are afraid to jump right into Drupal.

Good News, using your existing skill-sets you can pickup Drupal and do so much more that it reduces the time of development for you. All it requires is some learning time, creative mindset, patient and zeal to push the boundaries. Look at sites like or ask someone like Tony from (who built his own CMS only to stumble on Drupal and became a Master). It is possible to integrate Drupal into your business structures and there's this thing called "Drupal Community like Drupal Nigeria" incase you get stuck.

The following links provide non-drupal developers a headstart on the requirements expected to make that shift.

- (Front-end Developers)
- (Backend Developers)

I know what some people might be thinking, "Drupal is strictly for Developers". Well, surprise to let you know that Drupal encourages
Configuration than Custom Coding (for some security reasons). If there is a component that can do what you are looking for, no need to re-invent the wheel. Site-builders (like myself inclusive) who love to build solutions without much stress can jump right in building solutions/sites/applications using Drupal. So what are you waiting for? Make the Switch today.