Nigeria Drupal User Group

DrupalNigeria is the umbrella group for all Drupal user groups in Nigeria. The objective of the group is "to promote the greater awareness and massive adoption of the Drupal web development platform within various sectors in Nigeria, in line with the global trend".

DrupalNigeria aims to achieve this through organising various Drupal events, meetups, workshops, conferences, training, etc within the country.

DrupalNigeria is completely non-profit. It comprises of Drupal practitioners and enthusiasts from around the country, who for their love for the Drupal platform, volutarily offer their time, efforts and resources to promote and popularize Drupal within Nigeria.

The group is also able to carry out some of its tasking activities through generous sponsorships from various organizations within Nigeria.

Some of our members do participate in the main global Drupal events, called DrupalCons, occationally. The DrupalCon is a major technology event that takes place several times a year, at different parts of the world.